You’re being recorded. What now?

Through the lens of the viewfinder, my eye keeps the focus on my aiming precision. My iris extent changes while the vibrant colours emanated from the receiving image compliment my chosen spot. The courtesy is also reflected in that little smile, creasing in the corner of my mouth.
Then I hold my breath for only a mere second, and when I feel the right satisfying moment, locked in my view, I press and shoot. NO, people, be at ease, the shooting is referred to my NIKON camera. This undertaking is quite harmless. In fact, this shooting is preferred, with the right hearts, over any other historic and future horrific event we come across in the news. Continue reading

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Embrace Your Ever Blessedness

The urge to be more like the pets we own, to be more gleefully with anything they can play with is in a way most therapeutic.

Most of us make use of the social media and many of us can’t even life without it anymore. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way the world has made us be. If your content with what you do, then breath in your joy.

Now, there are those who don’t need social media to entertain themselves. This I’d seen on, ironically, Facebook, whereas we all could affirm, hilarious animals. Continue reading

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The Royal Battle of Shame

A while ago I had a discussion with a few close friends, which its topic was quite sensitive regarding subjects that no one talks about or wants to talk about. It fragile stuff that has made sure we never want to bring it up and leave it with the mysteries of time. Stuff to bottle up in our own and preferably throw away the key, all because we don’t think it’s normal or doesn’t live up to our expectations or society. Therefore to understand once again that society has set us up to feel and think the way we do.

A great example to portray this topic is when one would have problems in the relationship with his or her’s significant other; concede to the idea of going to the therapist, admitting to depression or financial struggles, or even the well-known great battles with weight. All of the above have proven every time that whatever happens to us, we dare not to admit to them, for we think that these types of occurrences are pertinent failure in the eyes of any about us. The funny thing is that all of which mentioned that nobody wants to talk about, many can relate to. Ultimately these kinds of anxiety results, preferably never to open up and speak of it, develops the dreading detachment and lost on our own. Continue reading

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There is a joy, a joy what sees no Thank You

Every year a friend and I meet up in a different city just to catch up. One year it so happened that my friend threw away his wrapper, and found to his surprise, a twenty-five Euro bill next to the bin. It lay nearly obscured due to the fact that it lay stuck in the hedge next to the bin.
Though he was pleased to have seen it, he yet decided to split it with me and gave me the ten Euro bill. Continue reading

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The Easter Pinsky

The great thanks we give to the creator and of which we set forth our blessings through positive and willing thoughts. Healthy collective minds are the drive of our kind.

The Easter poem, by Paschal

Easter was the old North
Goddess of the dawn.
She rises daily in the East
And yearly in spring for the great

Paschal candle of the sun.
Her name lingers like a spot
Of gravy in the figured vestment
Of the language of the Britains. Continue reading

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