There is a joy, a joy what sees no Thank You

Every year a friend and I meet up in a different city just to catch up. One year it so happened that my friend threw away his wrapper, and found to his surprise, a twenty-five Euro bill next to the bin. It lay nearly obscured due to the fact that it lay stuck in the hedge next to the bin.
Though he was pleased to have seen it, he yet decided to split it with me and gave me the ten Euro bill.

Now, ever since that happened, we’ve met up each year talking about it. And this year, we’d decided to spend it.
I went up to a donation box and gave them the entire amount. My friend took a different approach as he came across a less fortunate and asked if she would like to have something to eat, for he wished not to give her the money, but instead he translated it to a good deed. The woman had asked him for a meal and a warm cup of thee.
The words were yet on her lips and he had set off to buy her this request. But, even though his order was quickly taken, the making of it had taken much longer than expected. I stood next to him while he slowly started to complain. Eventually, all was done and the woman had gotten her meal and drink without even giving a thankful gesture.

A few days later, I sat replaying the scene in my head and putting things in perspective. I started thinking about the remark my friend had made, saying: “I could instead have given her the money.”
At the time, it didn’t seem to bother me at all, but as I come to think about it, most of us come to enjoy the act of giving to a friend, or one were fond off. But there is a something in us all that we expect a Thank You in return, or that these gestures will have a certain impact on the ones receiving.
Perhaps the woman was so taken by the food given to her, that it completely slipped her mind.
Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with having expectations, it can border-up our sight of joy and everyone around us. In some cases, the giver who did not receive his proper Thank You, can lead to his or hers limited gesture in the future, which would be understandable, but perception lies in our own.

The blessing which we hope to receive is often clouded by our own judgement. So, If we help another without expecting a Thank You, and with a pure intention, there will be no need to expect it any longer. The thrill of being able to do what you’ve done is a blessing on its own. Although this being said, does not mean that we should let people take advantage of us; I’m just saying that giving needs not always to have graciousness in return. Your blessing is already been marked in your database of Petrus at the gates of Heaven.

Lastly two inspiring quotes that go well with this article:
“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” – Ben Carson
“For it is in giving that we receive.” – Francis of Assisi


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