The Bookstore

It is not just a mere page, where you see pretty pictures, this is The Bookstore page where the possibilities of the different platforms come together.

As you well have perceived, there are three sub-tabs underneath The Bookstore tab (this page). But if you decide to click on one of them, you will directly be taken to the website of your choice, bringing you closer to the salvation of how our mind can learn to adapt, and recreate to a better world of our own.

But if you have not yet chosen one of them, no push. Right here below you’ll find their icons with expressions from punctual reviewers, a new reason to be guided by a new perception through the story.

Each icon will open in a separate window. Or simply click here to find the complete list of all the platforms available to read more about our novella of the mind:

The Book Launch:Booklaunch-GIF “Not just an Epic, a motivation of self discovery”

The Mystic of Karl Mind: KARLMIND-GIF“Captivating novel that explores the depths of one’s inner mind”


“Your unique story and characters will certainly keep readers turning the pages until the very end”