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The cold blanket of winter is again approaching to our doorsteps. Eager to whisper the icy wind and stroke your ears. For he is not alone.
And when the huge blanket wall of white surges against the window; silent and listening, then the only thing to do is stay by the fire and harvest your savings.

Nevertheless, in several times to curl and find the perfect spot to nestle on the coach, there are stories that keep you warm and intrigued through these times. Stories that stroke your heart; stories that prick your curiosity; stories that battle the mind… and stories that bring question to your thoughts about our world.

The story of Karl Mind has a way of finding these battles. Lured by the sweet tunes of curiosity, he finds himself without his love, Eve. His promise was broke and eagerly tries to mend in the betwixt of evil’s nectar. Hurtled through the mind, a past haunted, seeking stability in… fantasy or reality?

All in all, a heartbreaking, thrilling adventure that lures to aid the connection that winds Karl and Eve around each other. Will they ever reach each other? Will he finds his way out of this past?

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