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How can we learn from the stories in our minds?

And what can we do about it?

Enigma is a brief description of what the tale implies I have written with much effort and joy in 2014.

The spark of an idea that urged me to draw my fountain pen (metaphorically speaking) came like a string of angelic light down upon me, and I inevitably accepted their bestowal. It coloured in my mind like the first rainbow drops of early spring and tasted eminence. The clarity of the silver lining shone bright, but the details were still for my own as if they willed me to show the last input through my creative words. And so I obeyed the powers and flowed with my will supporting me.

The novella of the mind that speaks of none other that The Shadow of the Vytos, the first in the series The Mystic of Karl Mind.

A story that speaks of the depths of a mind a simple market merchant holds from the late 18th century. The enigma that holds his mind to perilous journeys of worlds unknown. A connecting love of his devoted wife Eve has swept along but somehow sealed in fate to walk the worlds apart from each other until fate grants their access.

Epic is just his breathing, the adventures are their fate woven delight. And the dreading evil that haunts their very existence, they will never give up until the last breath is spent, and the minds perished.

Fiction… Mystery… Adventure… Suspense… and Poetry, brings it to what a reviewer once said in two words “Intricately woven”

The results as thus so far have been resulted in an Interview (By beth’s) and a few Reviews I have added under the tap of Enigma.

To tease you with more visual aid, I gladly invite you to watch the two Book Trailers I’ve made, and if you like it… visit the bookstore:

Book Trailer I:

Book Trailer II: 

The Shadow of the Vytos (The Mystic of Karl Mind, #1)

“Control is but a fraction of the grip humanity has. Behind the mind’s control, ingenuity excels” – J.A.D.G.


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