Short Story Goblin

Author of Short StoriesDo sparks of tales come to their right, or must they remain dormant?

“Stories makes us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” -Madeleine L’Engle
As our stories make us who we are, creative creatures who enjoy one others imaginations, Well then, I dare say that some of the thrilling ideas were born from little sparks of pinches within the walls of my mind.

And because of that, I have made this page of Short Story Goblin to give you an idea to what the lightest breeze, that caresses the mountaintops of my mind, holds in its hermitage.

Hereby I invite or rather, dare you to read a few of my short stories, here below.

Click on one of the picture icons to unfold the story, and enjoy…

The Big Bang

A BIG BANG: Mrs Phellor, a sceptical lady with butterfly glasses gives everyone a dramatic and unexpected ‘big bang’ of their lives when the bank-robbers see a clear chance. 

A long Shot

A LONG SHOT: “A Long Shot” Mr Fletcher, who has everything he longs for, a house; car and career, but still his life is tormented by a single neighbour. Frustration broods and the only solution that enthrals under his skin appears in the form of an assassin in…”A long Shot”

Doubt of dreams

DOUBT OF DREAMS: A story that reeks of fickle. A mountain peak of thoughts in dreams and awake. A dark corner near you where the whispers linger. Delighted to remember before saying goodnight to your loved ones. Good luck…


“We make history, and thereby make stories. We share them and make it never to be forgotten” -J.G