Hi, my name is Jürgen Graanoogst (Yes, it is somewhat of a different name)

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I am a hard-working fellow that keeps his residence in a town just outside the big city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Here is where I keep the creativity of my ideas alive (for now). Why do I say such? well, you never know where my journey might take me in the near future or in general. Once ago I spoke words that my permanent stay would be the warm soil of the tropics, but hence, it was my reflection who laughed back at me shortly after (or was it the voice of God)

Dabbled in many activities from attending fortune tellings (that has somehow guided me through hints of expectations, and fun it is as always to receive the revealing unknowns), To outdoor exercises such as the observing beauty of the world through a mere lens of my old version NIKON D3200. But not all are so subtle as I mentioned, for the daring of rock climbing and martial arts are really not far behind. That is if there were any rocks to climb.

Besides all that, that makes you think what I do during the day, well… that all depends. Mostly I bestow myself to a devoted activity of full-time writing my novels or fictions (of which I am still in the middle off) and side to that, I do blog the craziest or thinkable thoughtful words that pop so questioning into my mind, needs to be expressed in luring ways that challenge my skills, thereby my blog post. And on top of that, I feel the need to, of course, fulfil the spot of Freelance writing (which is still in working process).

My writing has been dormant for over the past years, but since the dawn of near the end of 2013, my believe in sharing my words through stories have been pushing me to extend these ideas. Since then, the spark to reach the world with my silver fountain pen dawned with carvings (metaphorically speaking). Soon my work, of which I have started in full blast from the end of the first quarter of 2014, will appear with more reviews and shall be seen by many (writers hope and aim).

I have published my first book in the fictional genre, that includes mystery and loads of adventurous scenes, has been proudly called by its name of The Shadow of the Vytos. This is the first in the series of The Mystic of Karl Mind I definitely plan to accomplish.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee if you prefer, and feel free to poke around. If you dare to wish yourself to contact me for a simple chat, say Hi; craft to writing your work or somewhat suggestible ideas, feel free to contact me directly at graanoogstj@gmail.com.