You’re being recorded. What now?

Through the lens of the viewfinder, my eye keeps the focus on my aiming precision. My iris extent changes while the vibrant colours emanated from the receiving image compliment my chosen spot. The courtesy is also reflected in that little smile, creasing in the corner of my mouth.
Then I hold my breath for only a mere second, and when I feel the right satisfying moment, locked in my view, I press and shoot. NO, people, be at ease, the shooting is referred to my NIKON camera. This undertaking is quite harmless. In fact, this shooting is preferred, with the right hearts, over any other historic and future horrific event we come across in the news.

You’re being recorded.

With the great summer we so sporadically have to enjoy, and hopefully, still continue to do so until the Autumn crown dubs itself, there are many hobbies being rekindled and others are born with the utmost excitement. Nature welcomes us in its unsolicited generosity.
If it isn’t cycling, we’re rock climbing or painting, open air stage playing, summer old-books-436498_640festivals, or perhaps you still need to read mountains of books. All is well when the sun meets us dearly and the temperature caresses every breath we take. And to top it off, a nice glass of wine or a pint.

But, whatever it may be, the warmed up joints and fever of the Spring, is now fully rekindled. The joy we so shortly receive during the summer is the panicle to leave all gloom that expresses itself through our slouching shoulders, the weary that keeps us in the never ending loop.
LEAVE it aside for a while. Let it slumbers off to nearly nothing, even if it’s only for a short while. The summer is short, we need to make the best of the time before winter rendezvous; a far more pleasantry of your being recorded.

Let the sunflower smile back at you and you to it while you can hear its calling “I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year.” – Edna St. Vincent Millay

My photographic hobbies also have taken a rekindled annual turn, making my nature subjects an eternal documentary. And proud they flaunt their beauty to us to enjoy, hoping for us to have the decency to leave much green enough in the world to enjoy.

So, returning to your being recorded, while I focussed through the viewfinder of my camera, I started to think about the irony; the silver lining to finally liberate this narrative to a story. (and No, it is not my imagination that became my enemy)
While the flower or the beautiful scene was being recorded or photographed, nature doesn’t feel surreal, compared to if you or myself was being filmed constantly, perhaps by some sort of film crew. There have been many TV-Series aired, and many still go on, where people let them be filmed for a certain amount of time.Your-being-recordedMakes you think, that the mundane things you do are suddenly signified. Recording every move you make, every step you take.

And if you’re not so lucky to have a film crew follow you around to make you conscious off these significant insignificant, one, like myself, could easily tumble through the wasting opportunities that might occur. THAT being recorded certainly sets the silver lining to our minds.


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