Embrace Your Ever Blessedness

The urge to be more like the pets we own, to be more gleefully with anything they can play with is in a way most therapeutic.

Most of us make use of the social media and many of us can’t even life without it anymore. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way the world has made us be. If your content with what you do, then breath in your joy.

Now, there are those who don’t need social media to entertain themselves. This I’d seen on, ironically, Facebook, whereas we all could affirm, hilarious animals.

Cats who try to jump the shortest distance from the bed to the windowsill and still miss it, horses who try to take the food we offer them with their lips, which end up looking very strange and must hilarious. Or even the dogs we own who are entertained by a simple tennis ball we continue to throw throughout the house without them ever getting tired.

dog-1310545_640.jpgWe’d seen it over and over again, and we totally don’t get it, but it continues to be hilarious and entertaining to us as well as to them. The dog who keeps up his gleefulness with catching the ball  is so satisfied with this effort we give, and that’s good, and good enough for him as well as us. In this, there are so many things that we could relate to, but in if we look closer, I believe there’s something we can learn from our loyal friends. It is, in the end, A Small Act.

The things that make us who we are

Much like our pets friends with their unconcern lives and ever so loyal to our sides, we all have things we adore and love that other people are somewhat confounded or simply baffled by.
But, unlike our furry, and sometimes un-furry enthusiastic friends, we too have questionable habits we love doing but keep it a total secret to the outside world or neighbours. Only our closest friends and family know of them, in which case, is nothing wrong with, on the contrary.

emotions-371238_640.jpgWhether its love for an unorthodox hobby, a lame reality show, we keep our affections to ourselves. Behind the blinds or curtains of our homes, we feel safe and comfortable. And if outside, our cover mask the coolness which is to societies acceptabilities.

But, if we think about it, everyone in the world has them

 Wright, everyone in the world has some sort of passion of what we think that the other would find unacceptable or weird.

Again, whether it’s your colleagues who think their funny to mimic a clip of the song, or the extreme activist and demonstrating guy who, yet, secretly loves part of what he opposes.

Yes, we are all in this world we call home, not what we think we are. But that’s what makes us human, right? Shame is unnecessary like  I’d analysed in The Royal Battle of Shame. Don’t feel ashamed of what you have or do, this is who YOU are, this is who WE are… NORMAL.

For normal is just a way for people to hide behind, thinking to feel safe. But, what we tend to overlook, is our own history. Where we had found something normal years ago, isn’t anymore. Or what wasn’t normal a few years, is. So who and what can tell you what is normal? Nobody can. Normal is just a word which we strive to keep representing the mask to hide behind.

What passions tend to keeps YOU smiling?

We are the funniest family on this planet. We are who we are. I tend to sing and make a few Latin moves while I cook. This is mostly because I like to cook while listening to Latin music. In a way, it makes me feel like I’m on a happy island beach. 


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