Lift up after being a free agent

How to lift up and go back to full-time work after being a free agent

After being used to having your work fit to your own time, you’ve decided to hang up the status and jack into the matrix of someone else’s. But the conversion to logging back in this environment could be slightly more challenging than expected.

An experience a friend of mine could testify. It is a great leap for yourself to overcome. The freedom of being your own boss, making your own time, making your own decisions, is in many cases the last thing you would want to give up. “The corporate world has once again its eyes on me” were his words.

But to still have a smooth fitting, a plan to make the transition easier, here are a few ways to do so: Continue reading

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As we, and I mean really all of us look around and experience the world as it exhibitions its human yields, we certainly have realised that everyones against us. Especially if we keep convincing ourselves that we are better than everyone else. Disappointment is just around the corner, waiting to punch a hole in our ticket.
Our reactions are a result that immortalises these beliefs. Therefore, we believing lore of our kind had formed the notion of “The reality”
But this reality doesn’t have to be your arch-foe… Continue reading

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An unlimited reach

Do you accept where you are, or do you secretly feel the need to expand?

Before I explain what I mean by it, I hope all of you had a very nice father’s day. I know I did, and I have heard a great story my father told my little nice, which I will tell you shortly after.

dandelion-771072_1280In the west, our society asks very much of us, and the reason for it is clear, we need to move forward. Actually, our society has grown to a point where the need is increased and the speed we wield is no longer valid. More and more is asked of us and therefore, we need to adjust. Since the introduction of technology and the expansion of our human race is not uncommon to think the way it is…. or should be.
That simply being said I will tell a little story that might clear up what I’ve been writing just now. Continue reading

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The Artistry of Procrastination

Have you left it for another day?

After many daysLast week I spoke of mistakes that actually are merely considered a mistake. And that every first thought of choice is usually the best choice. Listen what your heart speaks of great language, don’t ignore. For procrastination is easily a burden to segregate.

Well, this week I speak only of the procrastination in a theme of a poem.
Shall it come to recognition, smile and like if you will
Or share a line or two with a guiding word, never to haunt us still. Continue reading

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Learned from many mistakes

Have you ever thought of having done something different what you knew earlier?

In many cases, many people, including myself, have much time given to the fact of acting differently to situations or choices we’ve made in the past. Not so much as it to be choices that we totally regret, but more of procrastination, which I will be talking more in the next blog, next week.

bacteria-426997_640But If microscoping the different choices more carefully, it is and shall never be a lesser thought to have when such doubt come to mind. If you hadn’t chosen to be a bartender during your studying years, instead of writing your book you always wanted, you would never have thought about listening more carefully to your clients today of which you now became a psychologist (I’m just saying). Continue reading

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