The writings to enquiries

Even though the first book of the series has not been in stores for a year, I have received many questions from different directions regarding the concoction of the story and the starting from scratch, when I clearly came from a franchise of pharmacy to full-time writing in a totally different direction.

Well, working to earn a few coins is one thing, but thinking is a whole other world apart.
So here I have a few frequently asked questions I like to share with you:

Is The Shadow of the Vytos the first in the series?

Well yes, The Shadow of the Vytos is the first in the series of The Mystic of Karl mind.
And I am, except promoting the book on the side, already begun to make the first chapters of the second book, which I hope to have finished by May this year (2015).
*Update: Regarding the progress, well… let’s say that it might be costing me a bit longer than expected.

How many books will there be in this series?

So far as I am willing and my reader’s belief in Karl, I am planning a series containing four books. But I must admit that during the concocting of this second book, there have been ideas that might extend the amount in the series to five or six. And maybe by that time, the number will surprise us all.
But to be clear, If time is on my side (and financially of course) I will complete the series

If you had to describe this book in six words or less how would you describe it?

Relic – Mind ProjectionDelusionForged realities & Striving.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for a long time now, but only on scribbles and short stories that I never published or placed on the net to read for that matter. This has been going on for at least fifteen years now (not constantly). Some short stories were just an expression I wrote in a swift moment, and some got lost over time.
But since the end of 2013, I seriously reflected on my abilities and decided to act on these ideas, creating this story—which was first written as a fun amateurish movie-script version to be made into a short film between friends. But somehow the progress got stagnated and one thing led another idea and a second version was made, which was much more extended. Finally, I made this version that flowed into a book. The third time had to be the charm, right?

Do you have any other projects in the works?

Yes, I do have other projects that sure will occupy my attention soon enough. There are a few other stories that are still in scribble format, awaiting the creative hand to finally be unleashed as a novel. These two other stories are also part of another series that I have not yet given a proper title.
But shall stay in the category of mystery and adventure.

Do you include author features and interviews on your blog? If so, can you host me?

Absolutely! It would be my honour to help you promote your book. Email me at graanoogstj@gmail.com with the subject Interview on blog, and we will work out the details and create luring posts.

I’ve also published a book. Can I perhaps exchange my book for an honest review?

Even though writing, Self-promoting and project creation constraints much, I can honestly say that I shall have the time to do such. Always want to help where there is a need for, so until further notice I will be honoured to write you an honest review.
I also have written a blog that describes how you can get good reviews here.

Can I interview you on my blog or website?

It would be my pleasure. E-mail me at graanoogstj@gmail.com to discuss further.

Where can I buy your book?

My work is available for purchase in Paperback, Hardcover and Ebook format on the well-known major retailers Amazon – Barnes&Noble – Kobo – Shelfari and Google Books will soon be offering it as well.
For more information regarding the purchasing platforms, you may also check-out the list.

Can I send you a message to tell you my thoughts about the book, blog(s), etc.?

I am open to receive messages from fans and critics. With fans, there is a lot more reasons to keep going and enjoying the work, and critics sharpen my view ahead. So yes, I am all for it, please do.
You can contact me via Twitter – Facebook – G+ – Goodreads – email or simply leave a message below. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Lastly, can I get a signed copy of your book?

Yes, of course, you can. A personal message by an author always feels more valuable doesn’t it? There Is an option under the taps of The Bookstore named signed copy or click here to redirect you to it.

For a mere 15$ (shipping/tax already included), I can send you a signed copy. Just be sure to tell me who you would like the book signed to and the shipping address. I thank you!

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