Kindle to PDF

Kindle to PDF


How to convert a Kindle book to PDF (100% FREE)

There are times when you really want to download not just a book from your kindle cloud account, but a particular image. An image you so desire to have it framed or whatever you may want to do with it.

But initially Kindle cloud does not allow you to download any, here is where I come in and show you how it is still possible to do so.

  1. Install Kindle app on your PC:
  • Type in Google: Kindle reader app for PC, or
  • Click on the LINK

When installed, open the app and download your preferred book by right clicking on the image where there is a cloud in its corner with an arrow pointing down.

The books will automatically by placed in C:\Users\Name User\Documents\My Kindle Content. They might not always be under their title names.

In order to convert Kindle books into PDF; Mobi; Zip; Epub etc. you must first install Calibre

  1. Install Calibre via the following LINK

In Calibre, you need to add books to the program. These are in your My kindle content document as described before.

Once selected, you press the button Convert Books, which you choose the output version that is to be selected in the upper right corner. And then click OK

!!This book is DRMed!!

If for some reason you get interrupted by the message: This book is DRMed, then it means that you need to include a small zip file to the program.

  • Download Calibre plugin (DRM Plugin) via this LINK
  • Extract the download
  • In Calibre, select: Preferences → Calibre behaviour → Plugin
  • Select: Load plugin from file
  • Select: DeDRM_calibre_plugin from the extracted file
  • Choose the zip file
  • Confirm
  • Once installed, restart Calibre and re-add once again the books you wish to convert.
  • Convert book

Once finished, you’ll see under format, a second extension added (PDF)
Right-click PDF and select Download and save

See below the explanation via YouTube



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