How to get Good Reviews for Your Book Work

Assuming that you have written a good book, does not mean that it is already out there on top. After all, there is no such thing of to make people like it until it is viewed. So make sure your book is well-written, well-edited, and ready for the next part of the process—the reviews.

A few facts and steps are summed up here below to make sure you have it to an end of good use.


Fact I
People are more likely to purchase a product that has good reviews. Tell me, How many of you have purchased a product based on what your friend or written reviews uttered about it? So reviews ARE important.

Fact II:
There is no such thing of forcing people to review your book. And unfair it would be to ask them to write a good review. Instead, ask for honest reviews.

Fact III:
Certain actions can be taken to encourage people to post a review of your book, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get a review. That being said (or written) will be the focus of this post. A few steps can be taken to make sure that there will be reviews given to you or increasing the number of reviews. There is a list of few points below, gearing in those directions.


Start early. You need to send ARCs (advanced reader copies) out no later than 10-12 weeks BEFORE your book is published. Most of your readers will already have TBR (To Be Reviewed) piles and you’ll be waiting in line. If you want that review on or  before your release date, earlier is better.

Of course, when you self-publish, it is always a bit different, but not impossible. As long as it gives the reader an idea to be expecting new works from you shortly.

Target the right people. Don’t make your book collect dust on the net without targeting people to funnel. Find the people who specifically read and enjoy your genre. Use social media to find out more about your genre. Don’t just shoot in the dark. You will still make the mistake of giving your book to the wrong person sometimes and that is okay. It might mean they don’t love it as much as a Die Hard fan of Fiction/ Non-Fiction or whatever yours might be. Target and the chances increase, even by the slightest.

More is better. Not everyone who agrees to write a review for you actually will. Either they forgot or got too busy to review your book or maybe they didn’t like it and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Who knows. but if you are hoping for a lot of reviews, just to increase you sell numbers, then the task to send request is a given.

Be specific in your requests. Once you’ve made your shit list, you’ll want to contact them with a friendly email/tweet/whatever. But be specific in your writing. Tell them as in an equivalent exchange you will post their given words on to your blogs on different social media sites or if they would post their review on theirs. Whatever your specifications, give them upfront so they can politely accept or decline your offer.

Be organised. Keep a running list of who you’ve asked and whatever their answers might be. This might come in handy when you have future projects.

Send out an email on release day or a few days before. Politely remind your reviewers that your book is now available and that you would love it if they shared your review. This would also be a good time to remind them of your specifications.

Be grateful. It takes a lot of time to read a book and write a thoughtful review. Be sure you express your gratitude to those who shared their reviews.

Think ahead. Keep the list of reviewers who you enjoyed working with. You may want to contact them again for future book projects.

Remember, these are just some tips or guidelines I too had to face once. That’s why I share it with you. If you have other tips or guidelines you would like to share with me, please leave them in the comments section or email directly. 
I’m always looking for improvements.

Last reminder: Be honest to the once you send a request. Ask for an honest review, and thank them gratefully for it. 

If you have enjoyed reading these tips and like to read my favourite reviews regarding The Shadow of the Vytos (Karl Mind Series), click here.


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