Doubt of Dreams

I stared almost infatuated into the night sky as the dome of illuminating dots seemed to move in a slow vortex and the night breeze felt to suggest in leaning against my back. A crescent moon winked on my right. My face morphed into a wince as a rustle was suddenly born between the tall grasses of the gramma. My eyes dilated and my breath stopped immediately and searched between the overwhelming appearances. This was wrong, for a moment ago I could swear that I stood safely in my backyard, and now I had found myself in an unknown stretched out meadow in the middle of nowhere. A few trees in the all too far distance stood frozen.

The rustle continued, now from three other locations around me. The tall blades of grass parted as the moaning sound revealed their preying moves. I quickly looked about me for an escape, but the vast gramma disappointed all my ideas. My now uncontrolled breathing took on a different pace and vapour protruded out of my mouth. The temperature dropped and the haze rose up from the ground.

The rustling quickened and turned towards me. My breath stopped again, my skin felt more than cold, and then a deep growl next to my ears.

I jumped up in an abrupt violent move as I awoke. My shirt felt wet and my hair was clammy and pressed against my face. It was quiet but my muscles were still in the resonating state.

‘It was just a dream, it was just a dream’ my mind tried to convince me.

My wife who lay next to me had also taken herself into a sitting position. The silhouette of her was the only thing I could see as the moonlight formed her outlines. She sat still and didn’t say anything. Just for a moment, I thought that there was something wrong, but then her face turned towards the window where the curtains were pushed aside.

“It’s waiting in the corner,” she said with a whispering voice, still facing away from me.

It dawned on me that there was more to my dreaming then I hoped.

My skin felt vulnerable and painfully as it felt like something was staring at me near the door, where it was completely dark, away from the night-light. My wife still sitting quietly next to me with her face turned away.

I slowly cranked my head toward the dark side of the room where the darkness in the corner had engulfed more than the door and kept growing. I felt frozen. The sound of a slow-moving wind was born in its depths. My eyes continued to the side of the bed where the lamp on the nightstand awaited me. I dared to take a move, a beat of sweat rolled down my forehead, the colour of the dark corner felt to flow in with a cold breath I took. The sound increased as if it felt my reaching escape.

“It’s waiting,” my wife said again with more volume and I quickly turned towards her.

“Now!” another whisper in a growling voice came from the luring black depth of space beside me. And then a quick rapid sound of a click.

The room was lit and still, quiet as usual. My heavy breathing was the only thing interfering the rooms covert.

My wife lay peaceful asleep next to me. The curtains were closed and no moonlight that night.

The corner of the room seemed more than safe. A delirium of dreams had caught my attention, so I stayed awake the rest of the night, staring into the corner.


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