A Big Bang

The countryside was light in a rustic hue of a mantle cloak, the air warm and fresh. It is autumn and the fallen leaves eddy through the dusk.

All seemed so without sorrow with life in ease. The people of the small town got up this morning acting on their hearted will and picking up their activity. So quietly ran the day of the early morning.

Missus Phellor, a sceptical lady with butterfly glasses had taken her umbrella with her because she of all her colleagues did not trust the weather. Just before she took her step out of the bus, she greeted the loyal bus driver Fred who secretly had an eye for her but never dared to approach her. He always lingered an extra moment with an over polite greeting which was never returned, but nevertheless his hope never gave up.

The backdoor of the building she worked in opened just before she came near. Officer Terry, functioning as the guard greeted instructively as his job required. He too never received a rejoinder in any days since his first.

A few of her fellow colleagues had still in the back with the early morning stories or as missus Phellor calls it gossips.

Today they were extra quiet as missus Phellor stepped in to take a cup of tea before she went to her office that stood adjacent to the large counter where the Bank hall still remained empty for the next ten minutes.

A few covering smiles were hard to masquerade “Having a good morning especially today missus Phellor?” Molly, one of them asked the first, her two fingers over her smiling lips and quickly gearing her look at the other three at the table.

“Not anymore special as any other day. Hope all of you do well I hope?” missus Phellor said hoping not having to say much more.

“Well, today seems pretty, the weather smiles, all the people around you smile—“ Molly continued.

“I get what you are doing, but it is not going to work people. It is just another day and I wish not to engage what you think of doing. I’d rather see some good figures on the end” She said and walked off.

The morning soon began and the first customers strolled in awaiting their turn, the bank was open.

Jason had pulled back his left sleeve already seven times to look at his watch, his right foot tapped almost what seems of a nervous tic, his hand back in his jeans pocket and shortly studied the rest of the customers. He gave a quick peek outside and leant back against the back of the pillar.

Officer Terry had already picked up on it and had prepared his approached soon. A soft echoing tone announced another number on the board. A few people had already left with satisfying features of looks.

Eleven on the hour gave notice above the rim of the design wall beams. Terry had by now slowly taken the first steps towards Jason who had again peered at his watch. Another customer had seen the guard geared toward Jason in a studying look and followed his move.

The steps coming from the corner were quickly recorded and Jason turned in his direction. A beat of sweat ran down his face, it was clear to the guard there was something totally not right to the situation and decided to lift his right hand and placed it on his gun holster, his left arm slowly pulling up ready to tap the young man on the shoulder.

“Is there something wrong sir?” Terry uttered his words stern but still polite without concerning other customers, just as he was trained to do.

Jason quickly shucks his head of nothing to be of concern. Right then at that very moment, a loud ear-numbing sound erupted in the hall. A shock that ran through everybody guarded their view in auto-reflex as the peering of the source came from near the counter “Everybody down!” was the hard words exclaimed. Small debris spread out near him over the floor.

Terry only gave only a wink with his eyes in the moment and already pulled his gun ready to pull the trigger, but his gear was still in that second of a moment on Jason. He quickly turned towards the counter where a man stood with a calibre of great power punched in the air.

“Mac, don’t you dare!” came from next to officer Terry as Jason too had a gun in his hands pointed to the culprit in front. The quickest response of Terry was questioned as he suddenly hit Jason’s arms into the air throwing himself over him, and his gun went off and both fell to the ground.

The chaos has erupted and screams of terror from the customers filled the air, everybody hit the ground.

A third shot was born echoing in the closed hall and Officer Terry quickly looked toward the counter and found what he hoped to see, the man with his powerful calibre on the ground, his weapon gliding away. Officer José from the back had loosened his first shot ever and gunned down, the act is over and all was quiet.

A few moments had passed and Officer Terry and Officer José had declared the room to be safe. Molly had un-clutched her eyes and slowly came from the copy room. Her first few steps were cramped as she came in view and to a sudd full stop, dropped the stack of paper and contracted into another petrified pose.

Everybody came running to where she stared in shock and found missus Phellor in the door opening of her office. A small cake in ruin half over her body as she lay in her fallen pose. Blood coming from behind her head, a bullet from Jason’s gun. The cake held on the nearly washed out words that said: My Big Bang 50 years.


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