Lift up after being a free agent

How to lift up and go back to full-time work after being a free agent

After being used to having your work fit to your own time, you’ve decided to hang up the status and jack into the matrix of someone else’s. But the conversion to logging back in this environment could be slightly more challenging than expected.

An experience a friend of mine could testify. It is a great leap for yourself to overcome. The freedom of being your own boss, making your own time, making your own decisions, is in many cases the last thing you would want to give up. “The corporate world has once again its eyes on me” were his words.

But to still have a smooth fitting, a plan to make the transition easier, here are a few ways to do so:

Know what to expect

As a centipede, your tasks and projects were all under your command, your time, your space. Your attitude is still in that gear. This might not totally work with other colleagues, so you need to remind yourself to keep yourself in the gear you were hired to be in. This would be quite a challenge, especially in your pilot phase. Your boss is going to have his or her eagle eye on you.

Partner up

cop-1016216_1280Once you’re in, find a colleague who can guide you through the whole system of the company (as far as your allowed of course). And not only how the company works, but to where every room leads to and what is being done. And would be nice to use this partner to get to know everyone’s names, especially when you think you might forget it.

Time management

Now would be a good time to rearrange your time management. Back then, you had your time calculated to your work plan and could easily take breaks whenever you wanted. You could even go to the grocery store to do your shopping for the week at 2 p.m.

The flexibility of those days is now long gone. So it would be prudent to analyse your time, from the traffic you might expect during rush hours, or perhaps the time schedule of public transport, all the way to the knowing when to plan in your grocery shopping.

Team playerteam-866663_1280

Okay, so you have made your mark on the work you provide, and the boss is satisfied. You will still be needing your colleagues to help you with many more movements you are willing to make. Your goal is to have your eye on the prize. The price that let you make this decision in the first place. You will need your co-workers to implement your mark through to veins that lead to your goal.

Last but not least…

When you were your own schedule maker and money maker and for what reason you decided to plug back into the work corporate world, keep in mind that the drive you had on ideas is still running through your vein. Adjust the amount on who much you give input when evenly spread gives you plenty more time to be the eye catcher and eases the path to your goal.

And for what it’s worth when jacking back in, the flow of cash is already being taken care off by the end of the month. Your calculations on taxes on the end of the month or end of the year are already done. You might even expect a bonus by the end of the year or at Christmas.

So all and all, both sides of the job stories have their greatness, and they have their grinds. As long as you know how to make the transitions smoothly, then the bandage just might not hurt at all when ripping off.


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