As we, and I mean really all of us look around and experience the world as it exhibitions its human yields, we certainly have realised that everyones against us. Especially if we keep convincing ourselves that we are better than everyone else. Disappointment is just around the corner, waiting to punch a hole in our ticket.
Our reactions are a result that immortalises these beliefs. Therefore, we believing lore of our kind had formed the notion of “The reality”
But this reality doesn’t have to be your arch-foe…

When needing to know where our aim might really end up, we first need to know the past. So, how is our reality?
To say the least:

  • Choice is a luxury when you have to work eight hours; five days a week, for at least thirty years… or just most of your
  • But you need this job to pay for all your luxury that is embedded in our minds as necessity (a house, a car and credit cards)
  • And to keep a sycophantic smile upon your face, or we seek relieve to undo these intrusive thoughts because… face it… you probably hate the job you’ll be filling the majority of your life.calendar-612420_640
  • Everybody grows up to become something, eventually, you are where you don’t want to be, but that’s just part of growing up.

Depressing right!!! Yeah, I know…people-844209_640
Well, as we all know to hate these facts, why do we keep reminding ourselves of it?

Once thing is certain, we keep thinking that we don’t have any other way to undo these chiselled dreads. And if so, the world wouldn’t be at this stage.
We follow the sheep that walks just a few steps ahead of us; norm and value, not knowing that that same sheep is thinking the same of you and me.
A portrayed reality of dysfunctional families to overworked couples finding their excitement elsewhere other than their significant other;  or simply spending too much just to keep up with the lifestyle of society and working ourselves into abysmal.

But wait…. Don’t feel bad, smile…what can you do? beauty-354565_640

After all this footle, there are ways seeping between the hoards or reality viral-demigods that hurtle their way over the battlement of your ageing existence.
For what it’s worth, there are possibilities that offer one to get out of this circle of depths… free your life… latterly, and live anywhere you want?
Or you could just visit many countries, like Vagabond Urges or every country in the world
These are just a simple few ways of which there are many more, so let’s reprogram your brain for adventure

But all in all, it takes a lot of work and a heap full of faith to pursue a life you hope to be satisfied with. Each adventure we hold takes discipline and belief, but without it, we wouldn’t do what we do and achieve many things in life. And yes, there is happiness that sits paramount, even if it’s clouded up there. A smile of our young once could keep one believing even more. Our world is us; we are one… so the reality doesn’t have to be your arch-foe.child-807536_1280


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