An unlimited reach

Do you accept where you are, or do you secretly feel the need to expand?

Before I explain what I mean by it, I hope all of you had a very nice father’s day. I know I did, and I have heard a great story my father told my little nice, which I will tell you shortly after.

dandelion-771072_1280In the west, our society asks very much of us, and the reason for it is clear, we need to move forward. Actually, our society has grown to a point where the need is increased and the speed we wield is no longer valid. More and more is asked of us and therefore, we need to adjust. Since the introduction of technology and the expansion of our human race is not uncommon to think the way it is…. or should be.
That simply being said I will tell a little story that might clear up what I’ve been writing just now.

insects-566430_1280The unlimited fly

In a far off countryside, where open grates breathe the luscious air, there was a wooden house with four windows; three great plants grew inside; two doors and only one man lived in that house. This man was a farmer called Boris.
Boris had no friends and had out of boredom caught a fly under a large jar of thirty-five inches, and bubble-806972_1280made tiny holes for it to breathe. He added another fly to make sure the first fly was not to be alone like he was. He enjoyed his new pet collection and gave them food so they would not go hungry.
But the both fleas did not feel the need to stay and jumped, but could only reach the thirty-five inches and hit their head every time on the lid of the jar. After a long time, they grew to understand that there was a limit to their reach.
Time again passed and farmer Boris suddenly noticed a third fly in the jar. In much glee, he too fed the baby fly.
The new fly family were pleased with their newly born and nurtured him well. Time again passed and the little fly also wanted to expand his horizon, but just like his father and mother, hit his head against the lid of the jar. He asked his parents why he could not fly beyond that point. His parent explained to him that it is the way to live. But the little fellow fly never accepted his fate and always wanted to be beyond the reach of the jar.
His parents grew old and so did farmer Boris, and at a warm sunny day farmer Boris finally unscrewed the lid,  and the now young lively fly flew away and never to return, his parents were too old and stayed with Boris till their time had come.

So in the same way our society works, as to say that if the society dictates there is a limit to your reach i.e. the people start acting on what we do as the community does then we keep ourselves stuck In that jar. But if we unscrew that lid, we can jump higher or even fly away to wherever our heart leads us to.

Make your dreams unlimited, like the unlimited fly.


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