The Artistry of Procrastination

Have you left it for another day?

After many daysLast week I spoke of mistakes that actually are merely considered a mistake. And that every first thought of choice is usually the best choice. Listen what your heart speaks of great language, don’t ignore. For procrastination is easily a burden to segregate.

Well, this week I speak only of the procrastination in a theme of a poem.
Shall it come to recognition, smile and like if you will
Or share a line or two with a guiding word, never to haunt us still.

Rainbows in dreams deferred

Despite, O despite the clear prevalence
Of expectancy in timely combining elements
When longing the wish, we have just pushed away
Think long and far to near; seek what is dear

O the misty days of vanity, procrastination is always there
In slumber minds and the spaces are filled and shared
Just close your eyes, that’s what you want and go to bed
A toll claimed the thoughts running through my head

Delay, O delay; a breeding remorse, like an everlasting dragging tail
Dare, O dare to pleasure your open eyes; lament to a lesser aim
Seek not time, when time is passed, procrastination has taken patience
We forget, time explodes vastly to nothing when expiration mounts

So speed yourself to poise, wash away what concrete hold
Wish O wish the serving of your daily life, orphan the slumber cold
Cast the burden, a full heart is rare and immortal
A perfect imperfection has already chosen a hoping theme

Slow but steady hold your pose
Never lose patience, it keeps the moments treasured
Hefty price is toll to pay; so good is best when sooner wrought
A time to spend, spend it fully; there is no time bought


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Silverliningminds is a platform to gather thoughts and awareness. Any who love to share equal coincidences are always welcome. Mind-boggling subjects are brought up and entertaining stories are told. Feel free to browse around.
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