Learned from many mistakes

Have you ever thought of having done something different what you knew earlier?

In many cases, many people, including myself, have much time given to the fact of acting differently to situations or choices we’ve made in the past. Not so much as it to be choices that we totally regret, but more of procrastination, which I will be talking more in the next blog, next week.

bacteria-426997_640But If microscoping the different choices more carefully, it is and shall never be a lesser thought to have when such doubt come to mind. If you hadn’t chosen to be a bartender during your studying years, instead of writing your book you always wanted, you would never have thought about listening more carefully to your clients today of which you now became a psychologist (I’m just saying).

For is to so that when you had avoided, what you think was a mistake, you would have never have learned from them. Now you’ve become a better listener, a psychologist and can write better books and stories in your field…again, it’s just an example.

I too have been away for a while, listening to people and discussing all kind of matter that made me laugh or think about afterwards, instead of continuing to write my next book. But I never regret doing so, for now, I have a better few on a start of which will be a better anchor of confidence.

Do what you want, when you feel you want it. Leave the thoughts of doubt to hindsight when wanting a laugh. Your first thoughts are usually the right one.

Keep up the good deeds.


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