Mountains of books VS a grain of time

What do you do while you read?

old-books-436498_640There are so many books to read and so little time to read them in. Of course, we’ve all been there. And to be clear, it’s not just books that demand our attention. The cheerful kids of bright futures or simply just driving to work that need our attention, too…right?

So to be straight to the point, I have here a few tips I’ve rounded up to help you find ways to read while you’re doing still active with other things.
Let it be so, that if you do just one single thing today, let it be reading while you do something else.

The do’s and don’ts to multitasking while reading:

Do have a chance to review your fully booked schedule for gaps. If possible, do carry a book with you everywhere you go. If for some reason the book you’re reading doesn’t catches your attention straight away when picking up to continue, well… find a better book. This one clearly enough isn’t interesting to be remembered.
CritiqueDon’t give yourself to bend to criticism. It will be often so that others will question this ability to keep the focus on more than one task at a time (burned your day’s cookery while reading that book you like). And yes, there have been many studies about multitasking; some work and others don’t… gladly everybody isn’t the same.

Do give the word to your loved ones near you that reading together is a quality time. Even if it’s just a mere page of the shortest story; riddle or poem for that matter, for a single word or sentence triggers the mind to curiosity, wanting more somehow. And of course, it’s a cosy centre of treasuring others. Oh, and don’t forget it kills two birds with… you know the rest.
Don’t be afraid to shorten any character names to freshen up the story; give it your own skimming twist, but don’t go changing the story of course… I mean “Gandalf” can easily be shortened to “G”… or “Mary Poppins” or “Dumbledore” for that matter (to keep it more family friendly). It’s not like the creator of that book will ever know. But do use the full name if using in public of course.

Do give yourself the chance to listen to audio books. Yes, they are still there and counting… and it’s Listen togethersafer in traffic or any other activity (parenting for example). Just pop does ear thingies in and you’re hands-free. What more do you want…??
Don’t go over your own hero in the mirror. Sometimes good… is good enough. Leave all reading spider tasking aside. Rest… take a breath, and do what is necessary first. That book written in 1812 is still here… and so will be that book you’re reading now. You might see it as a great story; juicy stories; that tear feeling or laughter or the thrill of enjoyable escape when you’ve already showed the world who’s boss.

font-705667_640There are mountains of books created every year, and every year we try to top more books to read. And every year it seems that time tries to quench us even more, but it’s not the mountain that we need to show who’s boss, but the juicy words of joy that support us along the way. The mountain top needs to be on top to keep us continuing.

Enjoy the ride, leave critiques aside, for great readers don’t care much for frivolous things like popularity.
It is being said that if you’re going to get anything done worthwhile, you’re going to create some enemies along the way.

~Happy reading~


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