Positive quitting or holding on?

A question came to me the other day. But first, let me explain…

Many of us have made a commitment, and many of us want to change to commit. A commitment that will help us with; a smoother ride… that image of us sitting under a tall tree; its branches stretching wide and a laptop on your lap writing that book you always wanted.
Save some money perhaps or get in shape to fit does cool pants again.

A question came to me a few days ago: “So, I have heard you speak about many topics and write some of them, but how about just quitting and leave it as it is. So what if I get out of shape, I had my time….”branch-73326_640
Well, there is no shame in quitting at all. Staying with something you like is a good thing. Sometimes trying over and over that keeps you stumbling kind of makes you think that the smart thing to do is to quiet… and quitters sometimes win.

To stay with something or looking like a loser is not a smart strategy. Sometimes it is better to cut your losses. So we know what doesn’t work.
But then again saying it doesn’t work… saying you’re going to make that effort, that intention to and then failing at it, is a whole different thing.
You have acted on so many strategies, and so have I. The means to eat healthier or exercise to become that figure you wanted or just to be fit for that matter. We all mean to and start our buoyant, and then it dims off to an unsuccessful history you never again like to bring up. And this has happened repeatedly, right?

So what does really work? Well… a few examples that might make you consider:

  • runners-635906_1280If you know yourself well not to commit to an exercise you can’t keep, then connect yourself to a group that does. Or sign up a friend or colleague to motivate your actions unfulfilled. Just like I did, a found a group of committed runners and they sure do motivate me to stick on my program. So find what works.
  • Make it funny to stick to a habit by adding a counter act. Ask your friends to confront you in a challenge. Throwing food (a pie perhaps, and one you like) in your face or on your nice suit if you don’t finish that given program. Yes I know, sounds crazy right… but It sure could help you work harder and find ways to succeed. And believe me it has worked, for I was once the one who threw that piece of pie.

man-219928_1280Only two given samples I have at the moment, but samples that have worked for me, and I believe they could work for many others. Help yourself.
Sometimes things do get hard during your test and challenges. But obstacles are there to test you and don’t mean to quiet.
A ten year… nay a five year… better yet a year test: will you regret doing this right now?
Recognize your project whether you accept that it could take you to something bigger.

Tune into your higher self that and find your calling, find a way, find your goal. So positive quitting or holding on?


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