Feed your mind

Have you ever wanted to read a book a day? or, at least, much in a very short time?

0-theodore-roosevelt  Teddy Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States, has had the pleasure of reading so fast and therefore so frequent, so much so that the number of books read had reached up to a book a day.

Well, I know what you are asking yourself… Why would I want to read a book a day? Where is the fun of enjoyment if there is a need for speed.

And I believe you, trust me. But the need for speed in reading to the extreme is in many ways not about the pleasure, but somehow about the need for information. And for some, it is just a kick.books-21849_1280

The need to stretch a certain part of the brain is based on the fact that you seek a certain feeling to satisfy, over and over again. Whether it is about love; History; General or Scientifically.

For it is not the volume that matters, but the value of the information. But the volume is needed to be read in order to understand the value.

Take an example in relationships… It is not the man who carries the brightest watch; the expensive car and has the most money, but the one who gives her that attention she needs. In the same way, reading, in general, could be measured.

And if you decide to feed your mind with lots of information, well a few tips to make it happen or, at least, come near such achievements are here below:


  • Firstly is to exercise your body before you start you day. Yoga or Pilates, perhaps just stretching and a few push-ups would do best. The muscles need to be flexible to stimulate the blood and oxygen flow to your brain.
  • Walk an hour a day (or just a few times a week) for it is considered an optional amount for exercising for adults. By walking in that amount of time, your brain creates new brain cells; neurons, ready to be filled.
  • A good breakfast reinforces the fundamentals of your body and mind.

running-498257_1280As your body makes use of all the ingredients, and you start pushing yourself with an extra chapter to read, you will begin to notice that there will be more to inquire over time and, therefore, read more and learn more.

By reading, the brain plants new information on the neurons and therefore more likely to form connections to different levels of understanding.

Just like animals who use the means of walking to find their way to a certain need. Like elephants “who never forgets” can walk miles and miles, just to find their way to the water hole. So, the brain makes new neurons to fill-up.

These simple steps shall make you leap into a habit (How and where to get started on a disciplined habit) of slow, but certainly to a direction of a healthier life.

If you have any other suggestions or feel the need to say a few words regarding this post, feel free to leave a comment. For I am eager to read and discuss the thoughts of other who just like I, are on the same staircase to reach better understandings or just a friendly Hello.


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