When Imagination Becomes the Enemy

A perception to give in.
“The next time you feel anxious about a particular endeavour, stop for a minute and think if your anxiety or fears are based on logical”


How many times have you restrained yourself from doing something because you just knew how bad it would go? And how many times have you realized that your “knowing” was completely wrong or exaggerated?

Imagination is a great tool to creative work, but incredibly lousy when it comes to the prediction of future events. Such predictions are usually based on past experiences while ignoring or failing to properly access the knowledge acquired by such experiences. We often jump to incorrect conclusions that affect our decisions and experiences, and therefore, our personal development.

Human beings tend to avoid immediate discomfort more aggressively than to seek long term pleasure. That’s why we are not very good at saving today, even when we know it will mean a great deal of pleasure in the future, and why we fail to go to the gym, even when we are aware of the negative implications it will have in…

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