True, sometimes we frustrate… right?

We remember all too well the second we uttered something that was less cheerful and very much regrettable after we’ve spoken it, right?

sadness-513527_1280The reality of this dreading and treacherous fact is that the frustrations is within us and feel the need to spew it upon any who cross our paths.

Now, being frustrated in itself isn’t the problem. It well could be a way to unload, and as nature predict, we all get frustrated at someone near so now and then. For the families who so like their kids to do certain things… or really not. We even would like our fellowmen to behave in a certain way… or better yet, our spouses, but again reality looks you in the face and contradicts it… and for good reason too.

We know it’s not the right way to think of changing others, but our human feelings to create a perfect image about us, overwhelms our ability.

So to be whoever we like to be is to be without the unthinkable, to be serene with life, to be…left in your own value.

As human as we are, here’re a few tips for all who have slipped slightly so now and then, just like I do:

  • teddy-bear-440498_1280Breathe and let yourself go from whatever grasp that locks you down to negative concerns.
  • The same manner of accepting the simple ways that we don’t control others is the same as feeling that others should not control us.
  • The moment you start accepting the fact that they live their lives in their own way, just like you should and live your life in yours. Your strains through your body will disappear… mark my words.
  • When you seek aid or support, they will lend you a hand/ear or shoulder, just like we will do in our turn. The fact of changing shall occur in their own time and place as only time will set us free.

So you see, we learn and adjust with reminders every day for the rest of our lives. That’s what makes us human. Predictable and unpredictable at the same time, just as we are perfect with imperfections so we act on many simplistic habits throughout (Including me of course).


Every step we make is with faith, and where were we leap in blindly, we are guided with tiny tips. Be patience, for patience is what we seek. Think of your heart, think of your condition.

Feel free to like this post or share with any who could use such tips.


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