Stepping beyond our limits

A famous remedy that, taken together, makes us leap that extra step.

I sat on my day off in the garden where the early golden rays of the sun warped me steadily, my thoughts had a way of leaping to a place where I recapped my urging’s to reach limits… this is what came to mind:

To soar back in time and gaze merely upon the act of a great man by the name of Marco Polo, we might understand the meaning of Stepping beyond your limits.marco-polo-mosaic_11363_600x450

Marco was a Venetian merchant traveller of which all his journal activities were so far vividly recorded throughout different writings.

The meaning of this appointed topic is to show clear and repeat the words we so often heard along our time, which is the facts that if we don’t push ourselves beyond our limits, or our comfort zone, will it, be so that we will never grow?

l-The-sky-is-the-limitResonating in old times makes you realise we spend just over ten years of our lives in public school and hopefully and perhaps another four years reaching to achieve our bachelor’s degree.

In a society where this could be accomplished, we can easily say that our sources are well spent. We believe that there is a reason to step into the unknown by first brooding on education is of great value.

So being said is that we are helping an individual grow.

In the later the expanding of our minds with the world’s experiences is needed to outshine the previous conquistadors. We need to impale our hearing to what others reside.

We need to make the endeavour,

We need to act,

But we also need to falter, and so once in a while triumph.

From that moment the new achievement is reached, there for triumph is embraced, we as a people need to turn our gaze and concoct new goals, new achievements to reach for.

If we don’t, our platform of success will diminish and start to rust. Procrastination will then cling to our consciousness like a magnet to a fridge and become board, even to ourselves.

So, to make sure meaning returns to you, it is in fact so that if you don’t try you can’t fail, but if you don’t try you can’t triumph either.Image converted using ifftoany

Will it be so that we will never grow? If we don’t take that daring step into the unknown with the knowledge of the world, we will stop growing.

Travel like Marco once did, to sail into the unknown hoping and wishing for a heightened accomplishment, but do some research first.

Take that step beyond your limits… you are ready. YES… you are ready.


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2 Responses to Stepping beyond our limits

  1. Zil Galgren says:

    Wauw! reading this, you inspired me again to keep on going with my business. Thank you so much.


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