The counter list

Have you ever thought about making a bucket list?

Well, I have, and I love it to glimpse into one other’s. But the fact of the matter stays that many of us seem to take a different turn when making this kind of list.

By this point you start asking yourself what exactly it is he means by that? Don’t worry I will explain…

Well, to sum up a few points what really happens when one makes a bucket list:Eat spaghetti in Italy

  • When willingly creating such a list that you vow to hold, it makes you put a hardship on yourself to get that what is on the list accomplished. This anxiety keeps you in the wake of your time waiting for it to happen as if our lives aren’t that complex enough. But then again without the list, the urge for accomplishing wouldn’t be there.
  • To add fire and excitement to the previous point, given the fact that when you don’t do well at preparing and following your own given topic on the list, it somehow starts to feel wrong, almost remorseful. Guilt slowly creeps into your consciousness. Don’t say that it’s not true… you know well enough to look in the mirror and admit, I know I have.
  • At the point where you start to see the list shrinks rapidly within a short amount of time during your enjoyment of life, well then it seems to me that the pursuing of that list well spent. But then again, if that would be the case, it would probably state that the list contains less-than-meaningful activities. Don’t be offended, it is just that the topic might consist of points that just sounded fair and cool to you.

In most cases the things we so desire to print on this so-called bucket list, are most of the times ideas that fly by into our minds. Activities that we in our subconscious mind wish to fulfil in a short time from that point of our life, and so are these activities not always connected to any meaning.

Kiss at the top of a ferris wheelFor example, we would like to, at least, to see what live is like in the far south of South America, or learning to ski, or surf or sing with love and dance in the rain for that matter.

Not that these are not possible for they are doable and much fun, but we sitting back and re-cap the meaning behind some of them makes you wonder.

Activities like making a change in single individual or helping a child in need or stimulating people who feel subdued (just like I spoke about it in a previous blog of Euphoria, an unexpected act…) These activities bloom more power in the receiving accomplishments.

So why do we put up with the lesser, when we could reach for the greater in ourselves….You know you can.

It just seems that life is full of much more than to fulfil some simple activities that we threw on just for the fun. And if you decide to make such a list, make it worthy to receive fulfilment in the end so you can proudly display it on your lives banner.

We are amazing (Just like I wrote about in the blog of Don’t we all have the skill to become entrepreneurs) and everything great is right under our very noses. The great fact of astonishment is actually just waiting to hold our hands. Reach out, you are nearly there.

Now tell me…. What would your list look like after you have read these words? What would they contain?



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