Wind of Wings

Spring is here and we are loving it wherever you might be. Even though the temperatures are still to please us, it does treat us today with the golden glares of the brightest star in the sky.

The first full moon has left us to take remembrance of the oldest festival of the Christian Church, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Even though the message of Easter has been watered much by our modern times of chocolate and shopping, we shall still let the idea of it remain in our midst with Wind of Wings.

Vivid faces and nifty fingers, preparing the course of the timeless day.

Ages of truthful tales are resonating through the Cathedral halls

Lord, benevolent and genuine, created kind and heart

Torched within and heat from thine we live among our foolish kind. 

Sorrow did begin once before, in most poor the oil within

Till breeze of the breath was spent at last, decaying more and more.

In tender time the wind had shaded, o let him rise and sound thine tone.

With thee in remit, kind are a bless. Harmony tears we become. 

Thou didst so sentence their deed, sickness and shame come upon thee

Forgive was thy victory and wings aloft. Mine in tender age impish on thine

Scourge will aid the suffering within me, until thy strength adept.

Lord thy wind of wings, advance is your created wealth we shall tread


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Silverliningminds is a platform to gather thoughts and awareness. Any who love to share equal coincidences are always welcome. Mind-boggling subjects are brought up and entertaining stories are told. Feel free to browse around.
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