Hope begins where darkness goes to sleep

You know…. Sometimes when you are working on a project or just need to write something off your chest, you can’t seem to find the right flow of energy to push you into the right direction, nor does it give you an idea for that matter. How it all happened or when it happens nobody knows but it just does, especially when you are a writer or freelance writer working on a project that needs to be done by a certain time with a certain amount of value, or a school project (which is equally important).

A blank sheet is all that remains in your mind, whatever you think of doing. Everything you do that first helped you to get the ideas like heavy rain drops is now gone and left with desert dust and clouds of emptiness.

Doesn’t mean that what you had done before was not good, or was good for a short amount of time, it seems like the ones who guide a person in the astral world has had a day off (or sometimes much longer). Funny and absurd it may seem as I speak about these metaphors, but it sure makes you wonder…does it?

When I can’t come up with words to write for a project or a story for that matter, I usually take myself to a clean sheet to write on (whether it is with ink or with the permanent letters of the keyboard) You express it and find a loophole somewhere to redirect me back to the story or find an idea.

You could purge yourself to whatever is that holds you back and pick yourself up to move on, but there comes a time that even does little subvert tactics don’t seem to work…. At all, and leave you in the dark of your nightfall.

Now don’t be offended when I say that even the words that run up to your beliefs don’t work either because I have done these running dialogue for many times throughout the thread woven everyday activities. But even then I start to realise that the silence of he whom you hold dear in your prayer, is sometimes the right answer, for the answer was already in your mind. It just needed time to get into its rightful place.

A few nights ago I found myself in the dark of the room, peering into the nothing before me as my mind ran in all directions for an answer. My chest repressed the spite that boiled within me, just to concoct the right ideas. I finally took myself out into the night beyond the threshold and took a short run (even though running at night isn’t my everyday thing). I sank my all attention and failures into every step I took, breathing out to loosen the shortcomings. And when I returned, I was all wet and drained. But somehow the changing scene, by throwing yourself off the locked surroundings, does blow freshness into your mind.

I’m not saying that my praying doesn’t work, for I still know that every prayer is noted well by does beyond my sight, but the belief that still remains in the balance of your mind, just to keep it healthy and fresh for new ideas.

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You don’t give up

 -Anne Lamott

The purposes of these words are merely for nodding the repetitive quotes we so often get to hear from our loved ones. “Keep your body in shape, it will keep you mind sharp” well, they’re not all that bad.

When all hope had gone, somewhere….somehow a window opens.


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