The First of the spots I welcome myself and you

giraffe-614141_1280There have been many sites where I searched for a glade to carve my expressive words, but I finally seemed to have found the best one so far.

I wasn’t much of a blogger as so much of a writer, but in the last year or so, my scribbles were much to piling and the ideas filled my mind, so writing them one by one was the only solution to get rid of a few, and what a rigid feeling came over when the first reaction poured in. For there were some that put a hook in front, making your view tainted.

But nevertheless, as those too must be counted as a growing process, I benignly and professionally accepted it to take other steps. So being accepted in my own mind stepped
further to other sites what made me realise that where I was (Blogger) was much more in the field I was looking for. A few months passed and WordPress (I know, a so obvious chose I could have picked) but still, naive and stubbornness, as I am filled with a hint of it through my every vein, there came a time to take the leap.Blogger-Wordpress-Conversion

I hope I shall develop a better and more professional phase and interface for that matter to engage the readers in an approach I would like to call life changing, for that is my main intention (and of course the occasional fun times that flourish the reading on its own.

For now, this will be the official first blog post on the WordPress page, and shall soon transfer more of the older post to this platform.

Gladly I welcome every reader, whether you accidentally stumbled upon this blog site via curiosity or that your curiosity somehow willed you to take a peek at what might be offered to heighten your value, either way… I welcome all and welcome all remarks/comments and suggestion to evolve.

ps. previous, and still active blog platform http://jurgenadgraanoogst.blogspot.comwordpress-588495_1280


About Silverliningminds

Silverliningminds is a platform to gather thoughts and awareness. Any who love to share equal coincidences are always welcome. Mind-boggling subjects are brought up and entertaining stories are told. Feel free to browse around.
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