Feel yourself wandering off from your own track of lifestyle?

So how to get started on a disciplined lifestyle?

Getting started on a discipline habitHave you ever stood still at the fact that your life is somehow a bit messy? As though you mean to do all those things, but there’s no time, so it’s a mess.

When you start to figure out that there is not routine in your doing and start to procrastinate. You have lost control somehow. Well, then it is time to shape up and take back what you deserve, don’t you think?

But how do you suppose to change all that with a disciplined habit when you don’t even know where to start?

Well, here’s the answer:

Start by doing the simplest things… wash your cup or your dishes after you are done. Even if you just ate the lightest meal, a sandwich or muesli….wash your bowl. Don’t leave it to dry and become a fossil in the sink.

Have you just drunk a cup of coffee? Or tea perhaps …..wash your cup and saucer. You don’t want to come back into the kitchen and find a messy sink, do you?

Start by planting this simple habit and give it time. It will show that life is not disappointing you.

Once you start with the simple step from one day at the time till one week at the time, you will automatically start to notice that by you unconsciousness of habits the kitchen will start to shine, that is of course that you don’t stop there and don’t eat all you time by cleaning everything, but the more you take on the little things, the more the bigger picture of a clean house will come to life.

Trust yourself to stick with this habit to one step at the time. Discipline is building up without you knowing it.

Start today with a smile and clean your cup.


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