The creativeness of entertainment

As far as I understand from most of the authors I have spoken or read their experiences have all two things in common, that is that they all want to be read much and be able to write well enough to be appreciated. Well… I assure you that I am no different from their endeavouring.

We sometimes lay down, hands behind your head and dreaming of writing a book or play that is so well received, that the movements of communities slightly emerge to the changing issues of the epiphany of dawning lights is shared. Perhaps it might even rise in a recommendation that the best-seller list cannot refuse your name and title of your story, you breathe out with a twinkle in your eyes as you see this dream come true.

The creativenessEven though my experiences are not all too extensive in every dent or bump, but it is not to exclude that we should not fool ourselves too much. We all long to seek an audience that shows at least two thumbs up, even those of us who pretend not to care when another dent has engulfed us. It is inevitable, but without them, there would be no aim or creativity to build on. We feel that the once who judge our work to be well or yet to be adjusted should have seen the multiple efforts has gone into our energy that we’ve burned away nights after nights.

Again to say nevertheless the work that we provide comes from deep within where our word that spreads the community or nation(s) is indeed a quality of the same who stand behind the microphone. The language and subject we point out are for the readers to understand the change of quality that is needed to make the world go round, impenetrable.

I use to think I had enough words to describe the ideas that filled my mind, but eventually I came to a point where I realized that I had a scarce on the vocabulary, as it is necessary for your goal and field we operate, so the expansion of your vocabulary is necessary or at least familiarize yourself with most of it.

Hold close to what you what you already know and build on the creativity of the quality of them, meaning that the context in which you use them can be used creatively or sensual if you will e.g. “as he held his sword aloft”  as to “as he held his sword up in the air”.

The deeper meaning of the words can be expressed more creative, but require the understanding of them.

Lastly to say regarding the moment we felt the spark. If it were from childhood or wiser age, our unique sound that speaks to the masses is woven with love we share in our every language and subject. An aim that shall go with us even after our last breath, an inner oath sworn and crafted in our bones.

We speak through the creativeness of entertainment.

In my new book: The mystic of Karl Mind – The Shadow of the Vytos, you can clearly notice the usage of context to fill the readers creativeness on the subjects, enjoy if you decide to or dare to read an adventurous story, mysterious acts but promising to fulfil every need along the journey of the characters. This series shall unfold the mystic of them and the message to the world (that dawning light).

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