Life is not disappointing you

Life is not disappointing youThere is everlasting dormant energy that keeps a part of our brain in an active whispering mode that we could have done things better. You could have done it better or you’re not doing this right, many will notice it or better yet, don’t bother you wouldn’t be noticed.

With this being active all the time, we constantly seek all sort of reasons to keep us in thought by trying to improve our acts or stall in order to reorganise your thoughts, seeking comfort in your safety zone. There is nothing wrong with these activities or reasons we use to cover our silly thoughts or acts.

Be assured that everything you do is part of a bigger plan that is guided by the ones who look after us. So be at ease, and if you need to ground your energy through your body, here is a healthy and useful tip:

  1. Stop what you are doing, whatever it is you are doing for just 10 single seconds.
  2. Stand up and close your eyes
  3. Inhale slowly and soak in all the positive energy throughout of the room or open area you stand.
  4. Exhale slowly, pushing out all the used-up and useless sorrow thoughts of energy out.

By doing this so now and then every few times, at least, a week, you will find that there is nothing wrong with what it is you are doing, not even the dragging thoughts. They just need to be there to remind you for a brief moment, and then it’s time to leave. Get it out…. You are a great person with good deeds.

Be positive to yourself and to others, and others will soon do the same to you and their others. The chain has begun….Thanks to you. You are wonderful.

This brings you to the next step of the creativeness of your own entertainments.


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