Was it a smile or a friendliness?

Ever thought perhaps your achievements could be shared?

Remember that distant memory when you were just about to stretch out your legs over the warm and beautiful beach sand, finally taking in your deserved leisure time to the fullest? That shiny new car that throws a wink at you, and you to it. And just when you were about to reach out to clang your hand around that cold drink from your ready-made cooler, your demanding alarm decides to take it all away, pushing you into another atmosphere. Another day that screams of any day of the week, welcomes you with grey gloomy and cold filled clouds (or so it feels).

It all seems so disappointing and redundant doesn’t it? Can’t it just stop for a moment and be like yourpraying-294190_1280 dreams scream to you so eagerly? Can I do better than this to make it happen?

But the reality could be deceiving nonetheless. Deceiving in a way that it is not that what surrounds us that makes us unhappy, or gloomy with a rainy cloud.

If that is what makes us the way we are, isn’t it time to figure out that every time the alarm decides to take another act of valour, there is one thing that we should not forget, and that is that we do have a roof over our heads to keep us dry and warm. We have food in our fridge to keep our energy up, our taste to curiosity.

All these things are right in front of our nose, we inhale the energy that keeps us in a place where most of us hoped we would be when we were a child: a nice house(or just a house), a car (perhaps two), a spouse and maybe a third or a fourth to add to the mighty name bearers.

And still somehow does everything around us show our disgruntled faces in the bus, the car or even as a pedestrian.

It can all change; it can all be bright for it is the abundance mindset where it is you decide to place your goals to creativeness.

The smallest acts that can make your day still seem a bit brighter… it could be the smallest.

ball-407081_1280Sometimes you feel left alone where the entire world around you seems to rise as you stand motionless.

But even that feeling of downwards depravity can be the solution what you need to you realise where you stand.

So the value of the valance we keep is leant towards only a single corner of our minds.

So how do we think to flip that gloomy switch of the day to a cold relaxing drink in the warming sun?

Smile, and give yourself the belief and the change to whatever it is that you have achieved and kept you so far aloft.

Throw yourself back into a balance and smile. A simple smile for a mere two seconds should do.

Your belief system will empower to encourage you to share. From that point all will manifest.

There is always something to offer. It is the confidence, that boldness of your act that makes you become free from other people’s opinion.

Even if you get a negative reaction from whomever things to know it best, it does Not matter because you already gave a meaningful positive smile. The smallest idea can make the biggest difference, so do it once a day to make a better you. Resonate with your heart… step by step, whatever is necessary.

That particular moment is the second that belief starts to kick in, and you don’t care anymore what others say.

So that is the final step to realise that you are better than you think you are.Share your satisfaction

Start sharing, get off the couch or that office desk chair that never seems to feel to your liking, and give the simplest and smallest think you can find to the first person you see that still holds that same gloomy face you had on before you read this article. An apple— a cup of tea— a short smile, or say Hi.

Don’t expect a thank you in any way, just hug yourself… You have done well. It is that little act that will fill up like a pebble formed into a snowball along its journey.

Now people might think you are a tad off, but that’s okay, don’t be afraid. This is he start to connect back to nature (The return to innocence), in a way that is.

An apple today, tomorrow a smile, a few days after you feel different and un-dust your bike and paddle only a single block and return to base. And then perhaps read a good story.

Forget what you have done so far. And don’t expect a thank you from anyone but yourself, your energy will thank you by giving you more of what you have invested.

Love yourself and be thankful. Share your satisfaction….


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