Inhale the light that fills your mind

Feel the colours around you

Back in the days when I knew about words that spoke of the colourless times that threaded the world when everything was in black and white, I was the only one that felt in me the thought rising to mount words that gave reason of fact ‘there was colour all along.’

When still a very young person, the strangest of imaginations twirled through my galaxy of eager mind.

Beliefs in the different religions, people have a choice. Even a pagan you could stay. Enchanting to walk along the written or spoken words that the aiming line of belief thrive you to it, but closed from the inside many of us still feel.  Extinguished some feel…..and some sting to the words of the neighbour and act foolishly.

Holy, we are, each and every one of us (or so we were told). From entering of the first breath from out of the womb of our earthly mother, till the last breath as we gaze to our lasting scene.

Half a world away, the neighbours across the ocean or just behind the concrete wall of their own house, people feel like we are to be covered in our own red blankets. For pyres would not be enough.saint-198958_1280

As a young boy I never really knew how or why there are celestial words that bring people to that holy mantra, the moral of the thriving of lives aim. But people of this beautiful world shows many sides to understand the reason. We all need a reason, we all need a colour of energy to hold on, we all need to find that colour, for blindness, is a given, it is up to you to take away that veil.

Our neighbours are not us, and we are not of the other, but we are all of one, one that is the greatest above; under; in and aside.

There is more to discover than to see the television in black and white. A colour of mantra….


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Silverliningminds is a platform to gather thoughts and awareness. Any who love to share equal coincidences are always welcome. Mind-boggling subjects are brought up and entertaining stories are told. Feel free to browse around.
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