Euphoria, an unexpected act…

The smallest of effort gave the greatest satisfaction 

As I woke up this morning, bright and inspired by assuming something I witnessed in my unconscious state, there was something I felt like doing more changing than I have done so far.

Usually, people are on automatic pilot when the day begins till the day ends, but today I felt something in my breathing to act differently. And because I have a day off, I went to the grocery store with a smile of a life without any stain of sorrow that kept me.

A woman who I have seen before stood in line right in front of me and had come to a euro and fifty cents short of purchasing her goods. She dove into her pockets to find more but in vain, and a few behind me already started to look sore.
So I let positive act instinct of the day show itself and pitched in for her. Half embarrassed but thankful she was and we all left.

Just as I wanted to step into my car, a noticing sound behind made me turn and it was the same women. She stood there with a little girl holding her hand. She wanted to thank me again and gave me a card of where she worked at a flower shop. On the back, she wrote ‘A thank you for a small act’
For the next time, I am in the neighbourhood and feel like stepping into a flower shop, I could show this card to her she gave me.

To me it was just a good deed I felt like doing. The child that held her hand did not know anything, but somehow the energy around us all will show its thanks.A small act

“Make a small act of effort every day that your future and yourself will be proud of”


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