Honoured I remain

As another year has gone by and the wisdom of the age has opened another gate, I remain and shall always be in humble tone. Modest seem my words, do they? Well, the only thing left for me on this day of remembrance are a few words that I hold aloft.

Now that i genially can utter as I gaze in my past.                                             Swift and instructive, a veil I drop to cloak my amounted steps.
In wintry climates we allow the blaze to engulf and ease,
so we joke and laugh like the smiling fires it holds.

With pride and plenty, I strive to hold my cup
The gladness rings in my ears, some do sing,
and some shelter silent by in cause of the feast.
This day doth say a noise that is without force and fled
a worldly spoken five of years and thirty to be at the summit.
Peers in silence I listen and gather, when all are in memory
I stand in noble virtue and vow to the number of my glad years.
The great is still to see and seek I shall a new.
My studies will be teached in yonder years, my life bright and light.
Birthday I am

About Silverliningminds

Silverliningminds is a platform to gather thoughts and awareness. Any who love to share equal coincidences are always welcome. Mind-boggling subjects are brought up and entertaining stories are told. Feel free to browse around.
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