Don’t we all have the skill to become entrepreneurs?

What do we really know about our legacy?

From young out I always had a feeling that difference is crafted in every individual, even though I knew that I was certain to be my parent’s child. But the fact of if all is that we crave to make a difference elsewhere, we crave to make a legacy. A legacy, which we hope that one day it could be followed by our children, and children’s children.

The mask that I created and embedded onto my face was made out of sampling my surroundings. I followed school bravely, but with many straying questionable thoughts that not many teachers were happy with me. Nevertheless, I kept myself through the years and somehow made my thoughtful mind be at the far end of the lingering state.

I the next stage of life, the self-learning somehow will come back as so it will to everyone else at some point. And in my opinion, the illusion you give yourself of straying is just another way of procrastination. If the energy flow of your fate is to be that you should learn a certain thing in life, there will be no escaping whatsoever. The self-learning on itself is the ultimate way of learning. Something that anchors in your very being, like a marble stone that never shows shifting.

The every teaching that we have received of morals is implemented in us by our parents, who in their turn have received it by theirs. The legacy moves on. But eventually, it shall change somewhere. The uniqueness of our being of bound on the fact of change. There is no doubt about that, and that, of course, makes us unique.

But whether it is to accept by them that the chain of some morals is changing, or not, the entrepreneurship in us will someday show that it is a good thing. They will eventually accept and adapt, but not in all cases the adapting depicts as hoped. As long as hope is alive, time will show us to live.

We are unique in our own way. Some are late bloomers, and some see it by the first light of birth, in a matter of speaking.

Me, well I have am late, but nevertheless unique, as we all are. I studied finance and administration, and now I write, became a published author, draw, blog and design. All pebble steps to unfold our known secrets.


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