The pebble steps to unfold our unknown secrets

When you focus, the silver lining starts to glitter. Isn’t that what we want?

A consistent lore that conjured the past times all the way to the distant times from now on is a given. But it is given in a way that should make people think about what is meant, why it is meant and when it is to be applied.

Well, to my opinion, it is not to be looked at with the finest of eyes, but with a hazy stare. The sense of breathing that you get from the first honest impression, from any information of tale, is the right one. Listen to your heart.

As time progressed, so did the lore changed, but the silver line stayed the same. Change is the only one that shifted the way of approach.

In the same way, it is to be expected that what is heard at that given time of age, is your own righteous way of thinking, which too is bound to alter in time. So when the true norms of our living are questioned and snubbed as though rectifying… Ask yourself this: Long times before these, were times that we know far to be from civil and out of the question. So Time… is Change… is Evolution.

What I’m trying to say is that just like time changes all around us, so do we and time does not only exist to change the world and us in it, but it is to show us the blindness of our minds that we carry.

Trace back to the source where you can find meaning and matter, which has been there all this time…. The big Bang.

To know the change and deviation we made over time, starting at the human phase…Stone Age, we must first return to the deepest innocence… ourselves.

Our mind adapts but forgets our source that cures all view, far beyond the threshold.

A writing that describes and makes visualising clear on the insight of a mind’s work is The Mystic of Karl Mind. The first of this series is The Shadow of the Vytos, a story that depicts the start of the mind that once was fair but screwed over time, now wondering and wandering the earth through many lives, trying to find his way back to innocence.


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